This is a wonderful store, with a variety of products. The staff is warm and friendly and very knowledgeable. They even have something for your fur babies. Dr. Lyndsey does acupuncture, and they will soon have a massage therapist.

Nancy A.

Love this store! Great variety of products and friendly knowledgeable staff!

Amy K.

Dr. Lyndsey cares deeply about her patients/customers. She has researched every product she has purchased for her store. She knows each ingredient in each product, how it works, and the benefits of the product. Her staff is equally as knowledgeable. If you are not sure what you need or what will help you because there are many products to choose from, Dr. Lyndsey and her staff will help you find what they think will work best for you. They want you to be satisfied when you you leave, so if you you are not happy with your product call and they will help you to try something that may suit you better. They also have products for pets, skin and hair products, and the list goes on. They are wonderful.

Nancy A.

I am so impressed with the expertise and quality of products this store has to offer! The owners and staff are extremely knowledgeable and have done extensive research on every product. It is obvious they care about our health, and go above and beyond to help. Thank you for coming to Dickson!

Barbara S.

I ordered a product from them and it arrived extremely quick and they were great with the whole process, including following up with me. The product worked great and I can’t wait to try some of their oils! Would definitely recommend using their products!

Kerry B.